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Being so overweight was starting to affect my health and it has always affected my happiness and confidence. Jon makes sure my training sessions push me to the limit so my fitness is always improving. Over time we have brought in different techniques and activities to keep my motivation up, whilst still challenging me. Without Jon there is no way I would have showed as much commitment, or put as much effort, into my training. So far I have lost nearly 10 STONE and more importantly started to enjoy life. I owe a great deal of this to Jon. As well as losing a lot of weight, my health has improved drastically. We still have a long way ahead to reach my target but I know with the help of Jon, I know I will achieve it. My achievements have included completing half marathons and an Olympic Distance Triathlon.“

Allen, Eastbourne

A few years ago a picture was taken which showed what I already knew, I was no longer the size 14 I used to be but a size 18 and deeply unhappy with the way I looked. I decided I needed help so joined a gym and got myself a Personal Trainer. With Jon’s motivation, encouragement and the extra time spent in the gym my weight soon dropped and I returned to the size 14 I still am. My training sessions are always varied, challenging and fun. Also, you know at the end of the hour that you have achieved far more than you would have done by yourself!…..Even though I do look as though I have taken a shower with my clothes on!!!“

Pat, Eastbourne

Although I have very limited time to train, as my job takes me all over the country, a daily training regime has always been a priority for me. As I was recently diagnosed with bone cancer stage IV, it became evident that my old training regime would no longer be sustainable or appropriate. I contacted Jon, and he has devised a new training regime, which is specific to my particular condition. It’s even HARDER and more challenging that what I used to do, with the aim to continue to develop muscle support for the ‘apparatus’. Although it’s hard work, it’s also fun, and I only have to train 3 times per week – as opposed to every day as I previously did. After 3 months, I can happily say that I have never been in better shape, I haven’t had a single sick day and I still work full time. I have no doubt that being able to do my training sessions whilst having my particular condition treated is a huge boost to my self-confidence as it makes me feel in control of my decease, which in turn encourages me to continue to have a positive outlook on life. Oh, and I have lost weights as well, so I feel really happy with what we have achieved so far.”

Vibeke, Eastbourne

“ There’s a fine balance between success and failure and a lot different parts that determine our path. Its about understanding the different parts, discovering what makes us up and what its taken to get where we are.

We have two lives – the one we are currently living and the one we want to live. There is a powerful connection between our bodies and our minds. When we begin to know our minds and we start to merge that with the physical capabilities we have the results can blow us away.

 We can sometimes allow things to get on top of us, become too much. We have to look somewhere else for support to overcome what’s in front us, preventing us from moving forward – find something greater and bigger than just ourselves.

 Sometimes barriers are smaller and easier to break down. They are within our comfort zone and easier to conquer. At the end of the day it’s a choice and it’s up to you to make the choice you think is best for you.

To make the right choice you have to be honest, accountable and decide to commit. You have to be excited the process, what its going to take. Get excited about the hard times, appreciate the struggles because in the end ……… it’ll be worth it. “ 

Project YOU

It about changing our lifestyles, creating new positive habits …… a healthy sustainable plan for life.

The Key Pillars Of Success

Through our unique training and wellness programme built on four key elements ( movement, food, mind and support ) we will work with you to create a personal road map that will get you healthier and happier than ever.

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